This program is near and dear to my heart because when  I was a kid and well into my youth, I struggled with  anxiety, and low self esteem. Fear pretty much ran my life and my decisions.

It wasn't until well into my late twenties that I began my spiritual growth journey. During this process I was gifted the push and Inspiration I needed to shift my perspective through the practice of gratitude and meditation...and later towards healing modalities like Reiki. It felt like MAGIC to me, because from using these tools I found a sense of peace, empowerment, and joy! 

The first thought I had when I began to feel this relief and happiness was "I wish these tools were available when I was a kid....and then the proceeding thought was... I need to teach these tools to children."

The Premise I teach is all about how " you are the light house keeper of your life"

Just like a light house keeper would need to clean the lense daily....we need to keep our connection and light clear, so that when the storm of life come...we can always find our way home. Ton keep their own light clean ie

I teach them the tools of;




  Intention & 


Zen Kids/ Youth Program