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​​​​​​There is a sort ofmagicthat happens when we truly take the time to love ourselves 1st, which includes self care and making it a priority to do the things that fuel our body,  mind and spirit.  

When our tank is full,  we are better able to give more love to all that we meet. The people in our life get all of who we were meant to be. As a result our of loving ourselves our relationships benefit and our natural gifts, talents and skills are available to grow. This also opens our heart to Inspired actions that are true to our soul and intentions. Which leads to an inspired life that you love!

In the distractions of everyday life, it can be easy to unintentionally have our goals, dreams and our connection to our true self get lost in the process.

This leaves us feeling lost, stuck and with no real way of reaching the fullfillment we want. We may look to outside sources  for our happiness like other relationships or things to make us happy. 

The truth is, as you may know that this kind of happiness is short lived and is so fragile because our circumstances then define if we are happy or not. Trust me I know the feeling....I've been there.

I was so disconnected from who my true self was because I was too busy doing and being what I thought others wanted and expected from me. To add to that I was always looking for happiness in either others, things or short lived experiences. This ultimately had me in a state of stress, needless anxiety and feeling drained most of the time...... mostly about things I could not control.  

I am happy to say that I eventually found my way back to myself on a personal journey which was ignighted by the guidance I received from an Intuitive healer. From this experience  I realized that a true source of happiness and fulfillment can only come from within.  That spark is in us all and my passion is to pass on the loving guidance that I received, so that you too can be inspired to your own light.

Since this discovery I have not looked back. Connecting to your own source is were all the goodies of life for you reside. When you do this I promise you all that you want for your life will unfold for you in beautiful ways.  

I am Grateful to  be a part of your BE-YOU-tiful journey to truly loving yourself and your life!

Are you ready to;

  • Make yourself, your dreams, and your goals a priority
  • Live a fulfilled life that is in line with your intentions
  • Incorporate a Balanced  Mind, Body, and Spirit approach to life
  • Learn ways to access your intuition 
  • Feel free from limiting beliefs, doubt and worry

If so then I am ready to work with you towards a life you love that embraces your true self and honours your mind, body and spirit. 

My mission is to pass on the loving guidance I have received by helping others find their own inner joy that will create ripple effects of happiness to themselves and others.  I feel that as each woman connects to their own source then these ripples will result in a Tsunami of love and light to the world.